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Sold Out

We sold out at the Guild Cinema for all three nights of the screenings.  It was lovely to see all the people there – faces both familiar and unfamiliar.  The cast and crew members who participated in the Q&A sessions all contributed to the good ambiance of the evenings.  And we raised $368 for Cancer Support Now, the non-profit group that provides a whole variety of support services to people with cancer and their loved ones.  So, a big success.  Thank you, Albuquerque!!

And we’re selling some DVDs, too – lots (at a deep discount!) after the screenings, and more now through the website.  Only 20,000 more before we break even!

So the big question at this point – what’s next?  There are a few things coming up:  I’ve been asked to appear on a public access TV program, NM Media Makers, this coming week, and there’s a possibility of a screening Santa Fe.  Beyond that…. ???????

It would be nice to go around the country showing the film at art houses in various cities, partnering with cancer and domestic violence groups…  But how feasible is it, really?  Here, we had friends of the movie, friends of me, a pre-existing group of fans, and we did a lot of local publicity (thank you Dovya and Carolyn!).  Don’t know what it would take to attract a big enough crowd in a strange (to me) place, or whether it’s even possible to do it in a cost effective way.  Word of mouth seems to be the best way to get people interested in things, so how best to do that?  Trying to figure it all out…

But for right now, it feels good to have had this one event.  Lots of great feedback on the film from people seeing it for the first time, and people seeing it again.  Fuels the willingness to continue.



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