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“Are you excited about the screenings?”  Yes!  But strangely nervous, too.  Why?  I’ve screened before – cast and crew screening, a couple of festivals, a couple of universities.  Maybe this is because it’s the first “real” screening run for the general public – box office!  Plus the DVD coming out, and logistics re providing table space for our community partners (Cancer Support Now and The Domestic Violence Resource Center) in the very small lobby at the Guild…   I worry that no one will show up, and then that too many people will show up and have to be turned away… and then that nobody will show up…

It amazes me how, when I feel like I’m doing nothing, “nothing” becomes so time consuming: providing someone with production photos, sending out announcements, designing a flyer, gathering items for Facebook, checking to see whether the paypal scanning device works with the iPad, needing to get a version of something I want to project onto a DVD that works in a DVD player rather than a computer.  Nothing, really, though it adds up.

But that’s stress.  The nerves are still underneath.  So maybe it’s just getting the film out into the world again.  Will people like it?  That stuff.  The usual.   Two more days.  Am taking deep breaths.



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