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Lots going on.  Getting ready for the screenings at the Guild Cinema Jan 19-21.  Getting ready to sell the DVD through the website.   Getting some great prep help through Dovya Friedman and Carolyn Tobias at DLF Branding, plus Rebecca England of DragonLee Designs.  Actually, my head is spinning a little.

We had to go back and forth with a lot of details getting the DVD together.  Thought we had it right, but when we got the check disc back from VE Associates, who are replicating the DVD, it turned out that we’d missed some aspects that still weren’t working correctly, so we made some changes and sent it back (thank you David Garcia!).  All this has to do not only with the content of the DVD – movie plus special features – but also navigation – how you go from “movie” to “chapters” and other features and back again, and menus and submenus and navigation buttons on various computers, and remotes on various DVD players…  Anyway, complicated, but now it finally all checks out.  We’ll have the DVDs in time for our screenings, and shortly afterwards will be able to ship them through the website.

And the screenings…  Asking people to step out of their busy lives long enough to come out to the movies.  Getting out the information via e-mail, social media, physical flyers and postcards, phone calls, interviews on radio and TV…  Did two short TV segments with NM Style and Good Day New Mexico, just a few minutes each.  I have to say, I prefer being behind the camera to being in front of it!  Two radio interviews coming up – one in Santa Fe with Stuart Goswick on Cinema Scope on KSFR, and one with Megan Kamerick on Women’s Focus on KUNM.  Those will be more conversational, and I can wear my usual casual getup.

Have been inviting cast and crew members to participate in the Q&A sessions following the screenings, and it’s great to reconnect.  Plus forging a lovely new bond with Cancer Support Now, who sponsor the support group I attended almost twenty years ago (still going strong) and lots of other peer-support services for cancer survivors and their loved ones.  They’re getting the word out about the screenings, and we’re contributing half our take for the Sunday night screening to them.

Preparations.  Details.  People asking me if I’m getting excited about the screenings.  Yes!

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