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Slowly getting the DVD together. Corey Weintraub (my wonderful Director of Photography) and I recorded a commentary track with Tor and Kat of Hear Kitty, who did our original sound editing. We’re gathering and editing some interviews Turtle O’Toole did with some of us during production. My husband Bill designed a DVD cover using the fabulous poster image that David Garcia of Halflife Digital created for us. David is designing the label for the DVD itself, and the menus, and is the person who’s going to bring it all together. Sheri MacNutt researched and pushed for closed captioning, which we are now doing. CK Barlow, our composer, is creating a music loop for the menu page. Meanwhile, Brooks Walch is re-designing the web page to accommodate DVD sales once we’re ready to go. “Put out a DVD.” It seems so simple, but it’s not!

I never thought I’d get this far into Marketing World. NOT my area of expertise. Some days I deeply want to say, “YOU do it!” Though, of course, I don’t know who “you” is, and the default is me.

I’m going out of town for 11 days, and won’t be in phone or e-mail contact. Kinda weird in the midst of all this commotion. I’m sure the world will still exist when I get back, though you never know…


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