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Have begun figuring out what to do and how to do it. I now have a wonderful assistant, Sheri MacNutt, to serve as Marketing Coordinator. We’re researching the best approach to producing a good DVD, with the aim of selling it initially through the Warrior Woman website ( Everything, of course, requires decisions – should we include special features for the DVD (more time/expense)? What should those be? A “commentary” track? Closed captioning? What kind of DVD cover? How to design it? What about an image for the menu page of the DVD? Should it be animated? Music? What should we do about “chapters?” Then, once we get it produced, what’s the best way to set up a shopping cart on the website so people can buy it? Lots of work, and we’re doing it.

We’re also looking into theatrical screenings, researching the possibility of finding a booking agent to get us into appropriate theaters in a few cities, contacting some smaller theaters ourselves. For starters, we will have a local screening sometime a few months from now, and possibly have a screening at a theater in Maine.

It’s so great having Sheri on board. My own tendency is to get overwhelmed with too much decision and choice, and shut down, especially in an area of my own non-expertise (I’m not a marketer, I am technically challenged). I tend to fret, weighing one option against another similar but different option, and it’s easy to get mired down. A friend once said that her own approach is to pick something and go with it, and if it turns out to be “wrong,” then adjust from there. I’m trying to take on more of that frame of mind. Sheri helps, and so do my occasional meetings with Tom, a person who’s working on producing his first feature film. He contacted me awhile ago to pick my brains about making a feature, but I think he’s helping me more than I’m helping him. Although he doesn’t have experience, he does have the kind of energy, drive, and focus that are inspiring to me. We will muddle through!

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