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New Year

January 1, 2012. What will the year bring? Two things I’d like: have fun at Cinequest and get a fabulous distribution deal.

There’s not much to do in either regard at the moment. By the end of this month, we should know our festival screening days/times/locations. At that point, we can gear up the social networking (Brooks has been doing a great job of getting things in place) and do what else we can to get the word out. Circus Road is planning to approach distributors soon after Cinequest.

So for January, I can twiddle my thumbs, work on the new screenplay, wait to hear back from a couple more festivals, and start thinking about what I want to say in the talk I’m going to give in conjunction with the Warrior Woman screening at the University of Central Missouri on March 9.

I’m not really the “talk” type. When I was teaching, I was more of a seminar person than a lecturer. So I gotta get some ducks in a row before the time comes – Outline? Index cards? Two major topics or threads: What it’s like to make/direct a low-budget movie, and dealing with women’s issues through film. For the former, I just need to organize my memories, and possibly dredge up some experiences I’d normally prefer to forget (low budget production definitely has its trials!). For the latter, I want to do some serious thinking – tie my own experiences into some of the things I see (or don’t see) in the films that are out there. So… a project! Stay tuned…


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