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Traffic in L.A. is twenty years worse than it was when I lived there, and it was bad enough then. The beach is as beautiful as ever, neighborhoods are rising, falling, shifting, there’s a wonderful art show now called Pacific Standard Time which honors California artists through the decades at museums and galleries all over town – it’s all very dynamic but stressful to get around.

Met with Sebastian and Glen from Circus Road. They have an office in a rustic/contemporary airy building in Santa Monica. Great to meet Glen in person. We chatted, and agreed that there’s not much to do at this point with the movie except wait to hear back from festivals. The distribution plan will grow out of that.

So I have interesting conversations with folks about the movie, and a lot of people want to see it, or see it again, and it’s frustrating not to be able to send them anywhere for a look. But there you have it. Trying to develop the art of patience…


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