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Not doing too much except filling out festival applications and going to the post office. Did create the dialogue list, which was tedious on the one hand – paying close attention to every adlib, laugh, and cough – but interesting, too. You think the actors are saying the dialogue as written, but often they’re not. Instead, they’re using their own phrasing, intonation, and word order to say the same thing in a slightly different way. Example:

Written: He isn’t working as many days this year, and I just have one job now.

Said: He hasn’t worked as many days this year, and I only have one job now.

Your ear is tuned to meaning and what you expect, so sometimes you have to listen to the words a few times before you even notice the differences. Definitely a lot of detail work. Wouldn’t want to do this again, but it was a good exercise to do it once.

Brooks Walch has been working on the website. Nothing radical, but streamlining and updating a few things. We were in a “too many cooks” situation with some of our social media so we’re consolidating that, plus putting our poster image on the home page and a few other odds and ends.

I’m about to go out of town for two weeks. Will spend the last five days in L.A., where I’ll meet with Sebastian and Glen from Circus Road. It’ll be good to meet Glen in person and chat a little about distribution. Gearing up for the push after we start hearing back from some of the festivals, which should start happening in another month or so.

Getting our ducks in a row…



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