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Things have calmed way down now that we are in the hands of Circus Road. There’s nothing to be done at the moment except submit to film festivals. So bit by bit we’re doing that, and come late November we should start hearing back re whether we’ve been accepted. It feels kind of weird having not much to do…

Though there’s always a little something. In the application for one European festival, we were asked to submit a “dialogue list” – a list of all the dialogue in the movie, with time code for precisely when the dialogue occurs. It’s not just a matter of copying the dialogue from the script – you have to write things exactly how they are said rather than how they are written. This is for the purpose of translation and subtitles. There are companies that do this, and I suppose I should find out how much they would charge, but I figure it would be simple enough, though laborious, to do it myself. I plan to get started and see how it goes. I looked up “dialogue list format” on the internet, hoping to find some kind of standard way to do this, but, of course, there are many different versions, so I will just have to pick one that seems doable and logical and start with that. First step was getting a copy of the movie with time code on it. That has been accomplished, thanks to the good graces of Stuart at Halflife. Now it’s up to me.

And we’ll be doing a little updating on the Website. Nothing radical, just re-organizing a few things and making some small changes and additions.

And I am working on that next script…

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