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Last week at the Albuquerque Film Festival Brent and I had a conversation with Sebastian Twardosz of Circus Road Films, an advisory services company for independent filmmakers. We’d talked with Sebastian a few times this past year re the possibility of their company taking on Warrior Woman. Essentially, they would act as an agent, helping out with festival submissions, contacting distributors, working out contracts. They know all the stuff I don’t know – whom to approach with this particular movie, how to approach them, how to strategize about film festivals and distribution deals. It was good to meet with Sebastian in person, and to get a sense of what it would be like to work together. We’re having another conversation later this week. I’d already made the decision to start with a more traditional distribution route and see what happens. Since this is territory in which I am a total novice, it makes sense to me to get some help.

I had heard from others, and Sebastian confirmed, that the American Film Market is geared more toward foreign sales than domestic, and is mainly concerned with the kinds of movies that Warrior Woman isn’t. Better next year, when we have domestic distribution and are seeking to sell foreign rights.

These days, “distribution” isn’t what it used to be, and it’s changing every second. The likelihood is that we will get some sort of distribution, though it won’t be as lush, extensive, and lucrative as we would like. But there are more possibilities for hybrid situations – we’d have a distributor for some things, and do other things ourselves. What that might look like is totally up in the air, and will remain so until we actually make a deal. Right now, we’ll be focusing on festivals, and on developing ideas that we may be able to use in combination with whatever kind of distribution we wind up with.

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