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Last Sunday went to a New Mexico Women in Film barbecue at a gorgeous retreat near Santa Fe – pool, great views, wonderful food, lots of talented women. Met interesting people, but no one seems to know much about distribution. Production, yes. Distribution, no. I think a lot of people are in my position – they make a movie and then try to get it out there in some way, usually via festivals – but many of them are making shorts or documentaries rather than narrative features. Some people have jobs on larger projects that actually have distribution before they are made – the Hollywood stuff coming into the state. That’s a different ballgame.

So later in the week, I began organizing all the suggestions I’ve collected on e-mails, websites, and little pieces of paper: people I’ve thought of to talk to but haven’t talked to yet, people to contact who have been suggested by other people, research I need to do on companies that have been suggested to me, research on possible corporate partnerships. There’s an overwhelming amount of stuff. But now that it’s laid out in a semi-coherent fashion, I can start chipping away at all the lists. Will be adding to them, too, as new ideas and contacts come my way. My friend Liz suggested I do a flow chart, but it may be that I’m too linear for that. At least the lists are getting me jump started.

I’ve enlisted a friend to help me with some of the research and phone calling. Unfortunately, I can’t pay her the high-dollar salary she deserves, and she has to work, so I don’t know how far we’ll get before her full-time job kicks in. Still, it’s a start. Applied to a couple more festivals this week, made some calls, talked things over with fellow producer Brent (also went to his birthday party at a great new downtown jazz bar and restaurant called Jazzbah), and followed up a few preliminary leads.

A new adventure, right?


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