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The highlight of the Maine festival was watching the movie with Karen. She was seeing it for the first time and loved it. I’d been nervous ahead of time because you never know… No need to worry as it turned out.

Bill and I stayed in a “camp” (cabin) in the woods near a lake called Great Pond, with Karen and her son Felix. The camp was about a half hour outside of Waterville. The festival hospitality committee provided lots of goodies — a gift bag with Maine items, a welcome basket in the camp, a stocked refrigerator. Everyone warm, welcoming, and helpful. We went swimming every day, then spent afternoons/evenings in town for movies, parties, and hob-knobbing. The festival is a wonderful mix of new and established movies and filmmakers, and a relaxed sense of movie loving. Highlights for me included a fabulous meal at Apollo’s Bistro and a Russian film called Silent Souls. David Garcia, arriving on his rented Harley, joined us for our first screening, which was small. The second one was much bigger. Lots of enthusiastic support, good Q&A. People really responsive and engaged. They also liked the temporary tattoos.

Had a fruitful conversation with the festival programmer, Ken Eisen, about distribution. This is the toughest part of independent filmmaking — you’ve sweated bullets to get the thing made and you have a great product, but no straight-line track for getting it out there. In a perfect world, we’d have had some distribution deal in place before making the movie, but we didn’t have the clout and proven track record that that kind of thing takes, so here we are, trying to make our way. Ken gave me names of some good people to talk to, and encouragement re finding a distribution path for the movie. I think there’s a big audience for us out there, and it’s a matter of connecting with them in some non-traditional way, as yet to be determined. All ideas welcome!

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