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Getting ready for Maine. Verbiage for publicity postcards and getting those printed and sent off. Elora Overbey making phone calls to various Maine cancer support organizations to tell them about the screening. Brent getting a bunch of posters printed and sent. Me at the paper cutter chopping up sheets of temporary tattoos like the ones we had at the cast and crew screening (when we ordered them, we thought they would come as individual little squares, but no, they were printed twenty to a page and had to be cut). Kate Costello, who was the star of my very first short movie, “Girls,” in 2002, did voiceover for our EPK. Turtle is hard at work on that even as we speak…

So this is what I know: Bill and I will be sharing a house with Karen Young and her son. Apparently the house is “rustic but very cute,” and is on the water. (Waterville is inland, but there are lakes.) We have our work-in-progress screenings next Sunday and Monday. David Garcia is going also (!) so our post-production people will be represented. I might have to do a Q & A. There will be parties. It’s going to be cooler than it is here, and it might actually rain!

Do not know whether I will have the technical capacity to write this blog while we are gone. If not, we’ll be back on the 20th, with lots of stories to tell.

On another note, our brilliant composer, CK Barlow, is now leaving her day job in order to pursue her music fulltime. We are delighted.


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