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EPK, etc.

Had a lovely three days off EVERYTHING. Walked by the river, swam in the pool, kicked back in the deluxe room with a view of grass, natural vegetation, cottonwoods, and mountains, luxuriated at the spa, breathed, and generally vegged out.

It’s the holiday weekend now so not much is happening, but will be launching into action starting tomorrow, trying to get things together for Maine. Key project will be trying to finish up our Electronic Press Kit (EPK). Turtle O’Toole, who shot footage of the production and did interviews with our actors, wrote a publicity script and will be editing together clips from the movie and clips from his footage. We need to record some voice-over narration, and Turtle will add that in. Then we will have a piece of publicity that we can offer to interested parties who might want to air the whole thing or bits and pieces of it.

So that, and more odds and ends re the website, facebook, making connections. Like everything else, this publicity business is a process…


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