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On Tuesday night we had our cast and crew screening at the KiMo Theater in downtown Albuquerque. Almost four hundred people came. Best possible audience, of course – friends, family, people who had a stake in the movie. A truly lovely evening. Seeing and hearing it on the big screen in a full theater made it all breathe in a new way. Afterward, I hugged what seemed like a thousand people, and then we retired to halflife for a party, where I hugged a thousand more people and fun was had.

Before the screening, several people said that bringing the movie to fruition was like giving birth. I don’t know about that, but I do know that as the film took its first step into the world it started to feel like this independent thing existing in its own right – it is what it is and doesn’t need me anymore.

It could be that there’s a tiny whiff of post-partum depression around the corner… Hard to do something this big and then come to the end of it. I thought that was going to happen last year when we finished production, but I was way too exhausted to be anything other than relieved. It’s different now – all these months taking the clay of the footage and shaping it into the vessel that’s this amazing final product, and getting to work with all these truly wonderful and talented people.

I’m ready for a breather, a little slide into oblivion for awhile. But I have to think clearly about distribution, something I know nothing about. Another adventure, I hope. I do think there’s a big audience for this film, and it’s a matter of figuring out how best to connect with that audience. The path keeps opening out ahead…

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