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The closer you get, the longer it takes… There has been a short delay with the final sound mix, which means we’ll be a bit later than we anticipated marrying the picture and the sound, and then the whole thing has to get tested at the KiMo Theater before our cast and crew screening on the 14th… It’ll all get done, but of course not until close to the last minute, which is nervewracking for me. But I think I’m nervewracked anyway, just anticipating the screening, which will be the first time people are really seeing the movie as a movie, in a theater. The handful of people who have seen it so far are all people who have been working on it in post production, which gives a different perspective. We’re used to seeing it chopped up as we work on the specifics of individual moments. Yes, we occasionally watch the whole thing through, but it’s always with an eye toward what we want to fix, or whether what we just fixed is working. So a theater full of people who may have worked on it but haven’t seen any of it yet is a Big Deal.

Am trying to calm myself by thinking of my dad, Kurt Reichert, who, at the age of 65, retired from his satisfying day job and promptly went back to his first love, acting. He spent the next twenty-five years on stage in many San Diego theaters. Today would have been his 95th birthday. Am trying to beam in his energy and confidence.

I’m sure the week will have it’s own rhythms. I’m sure we’ll get done what we need to do. And if I go too crazy, I can focus on the garden where the snowpeas are bursting in like little green rockets.


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