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We have been invited to show Warrior Woman at the Maine International Film Festival, which takes place July 15-24, in Waterville, Maine! Our star, Karen Young, calls it “a classy little festival,” and we’re thrilled to be going there. Karen will be there, too. Don’t yet know what day we will be screening, but should find that out soon.

Meanwhile, finishing up the re-recording mix. Tor and Kat, of Hear Kitty Studios, asked me to come for about three days to work with them on the final touches. They have been doing a 5.1 sound mix, which means that it goes beyond stereo and into surround sound. It’s really luscious! Tor sits at his computer with five speakers spread around the room. Kat sits a little off to the side because they have put me in the totally comfortable lounge chair where Rimsky the cat usually sits, right behind Tor so that I can hear what he is hearing. Which, of course, I can’t because his ear (and Kat’s, too) is about a thousand times more sophisticated than mine. Still, it’s a great perch.

So we play a chunk of the movie and listen for anything that seems out of whack or different from what we had hoped for. We all take notes, and then we go over it all and fix things: change the balance between the background sound and the music – maybe one is too loud and the other too quiet; re-direct where the sound is coming from – does the music really feel like it’s coming out of the radio?; fix “flat tires,” those spaces where the background sound – the room tone – falls out for a second; make the sound fuller, like it’s coming from all around you instead of one particular place, or narrower and more focused. Dialog is king – we want to make sure that we can hear what’s being said, but the way sound and music can enhance a scene is absolutely miraculous. Should we bring that sound effect into the preceding scene to help bridge the transition? Should we add another element to the background sound to make the environment feel more present? Have we gone overboard so that the sounds in the scene overwhelm the action? Billions of decisions and possibilities…

Sterling came by for part of the day. He’ll be back for part of the next session, too, along with Stuart. CK can’t be there because of her pesky full-time job, but she’ll get a chance to chime in before we’re done. It’s pretty amazing what can be done, and how much this is sounding like a real movie!

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