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The trailer is up! You Tube:

Finally going public – at least a little. Feels good to have this out there.

And earlier in the week, went public in another way – Chris and I taped a segment for Steven Michael Quezada’s “The After After Party,” Albuquerque’s own late-night talk show. Steven is really committed to filmmaking in New Mexico, and it was great to see him again (he’s in the movie) and chat with him about all the talent here in the state. Except for Karen Young — our lead actress who’s from New York — and Mark Russell, our DIT person who came up from Florida to work on the film, all the talent and crew and post-production people are from New Mexico.

Anyway, it was nervewracking but fun to be taped for TV. There was a call sheet, and we had to wait around backstage for a long time – it gave me a perspective on what actors have to go through! Had fun chatting with the interns from Youth Development, Inc. and the other volunteers who help keep the show running. And, as Chris said to me, it was good practice for us to be there – we hope we get interviewed a lot as the movie makes its way in the world.

Don’t know when the segment is going to air, but we’ll be notified.

And now I’m off for a week at the beach….

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