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Just under the wire, at the last possible moment of the last day for submissions, we sent a screener of Warrior Woman for consideration at the Toronto International Film Festival. This is a long shot, but what the heck. If by some chance we get in, it would be both wonderful in and of itself, and helpful to the film’s distribution, so it’s worth the effort. Notification is in early August, so I’m hoping for the best and then forgetting about it for awhile. We’re also sending a screener to the Maine International Film Festival, which is a small, well-established, and classy festival that would be really appropriate for our project. That we’ll hear about a lot sooner, as the festival itself is in July.

It was rush rush rush the last few days at halflife, trying to get it all done. And, of course, there were glitches, like there always are when you’re in a hurry against a deadline. Because different processes occur in different programs (VFX in After Effects, color in Scratch, etc.), you have to get the different segments talking to each other in one timeline. We’re ALMOST finished with post but not quite, so there’s a lot to coordinate. But Stuart, our Post Production Supervisor, did a heroic job of getting it all together just in the nick of time, racing to Fed Ex just before they closed on Friday evening. Tor and Kathleen at Hear Kitty gave us a fabulous interim soundtrack. And we’ll get everything even more together for our cast and crew screening on June 14.

And now, finally, we’ll get a chance to finish up the trailer, which we hope to do this week…



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