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We’re pushing to get things done by next Thursday. I mean, like done. Well, except for the final-final sound mix, which will come in a few weeks. Done with special effects, coloring, editing, music, credits… With a DVD that we can submit to festivals. Yeah!

Coby’s really pushing through the visual effects. I took a look on Thursday, and a couple of things that were formerly really ragged now look smooth. It’s pretty amazing what he can do – create fire, expand smoke, erase obtruding heads that shouldn’t be there…

He also helped with the titles for the trailer, which will be done soon, too. Just need to do some color work on it, and substitute a Coby-fixed shot for the temp one we now have in there. The trailer is a bit on the back burner as we push through for the festival deadline, but it’s all coming.

Some pesky details: Withoutabox, the online festival application form that you fill out once and then send to the various festivals you’re entering, is not user friendly for a technophobe like me, so I’m trying to stay calm as I wend my way through it. And the state tax & rev people need some paperwork in a different format for the rebate, so I’ll be meeting with them next week to get that sorted out. Step by bloody step…

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