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We’ve got a dead pixel. It’s from one of the cameras, a Cannon 5D, that we used on some of our night exteriors. We didn’t notice the pixel at first because it doesn’t show up on a small monitor. But when we see the footage on the larger screen, the missing pixel appears as a tiny blue or red spot in the background or on a face. Very irritating! It’s been Coby’s job to fix this. He’s also fixing some other things, like adding some extra smoke where we didn’t have enough, and smoothing out the prosthesis Karen wears to look one-breasted. “Fix it in post!” Yeah, things are fixable. But it’s painstaking work – layer by layer, frame by frame. Kind of like Photoshop, but in motion. Fortunately for us, Coby’s good at it.

On Monday we had a visit from Tor and Kathleen, of Hear Kitty Studios. They listened to chunks of the soundtrack to get an idea of what they’ll need to do to get it all sounding like a real movie. Now they’re in the process of working their magic, smoothing and enhancing. There are all these technical issues about output, also. Stereo? Five-point-one? What are the necessities? The implications of one thing over another? Decisions everywhere. It all costs money. Balance between adequacy and perfection, divided by dough.

In less than two weeks we’re hoping to get a version of everything solidly enough together to apply to the Toronto International Film Festival. Like all such things, it’s a crapshoot – lots of competition for limited slots, and who knows about the vagaries and tastes of the judges. But we’re poised to meet that submission deadline, barring unexpected setbacks. Keep your fingers crossed…

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