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A couple of times this week CK, Sterling and I got together to hone the sound/music. Sound editing and design complete, music just one cue away, so we went over everything scene-by-scene to figure out what worked, what didn’t, what needed tweaking. Does it sound good with the music coming in just there, or should we bring it in a little earlier, with a fade-in? Is that door slam a little too loud? Is that car coming from the right direction? Yikes! The voices are out of synch on this segment… It took us a couple of long sessions of painstaking attention, but we fueled ourselves with Thai food and jokes. On Monday we’re going to record a few bits of new dialogue. We’re adding lines in two scenes, and some voices in another to round out the background sound. Should be quick and easy stuff. After that, next stop: Soundtrack goes to Hear Kitty Studios, an audio post production service, for final finishing.

I’ve also been working on the credits – checking names, jobs, of cast and crew. About a billion details. There’s a list that tells you more or less what goes where in the credits, but, of course, there are always exceptions and things that don’t quite fit the form. But bit by bit. The task is made more pleasant by remembering all the wonderful people who helped make this film possible, and by the thought that all these credits will be under the beautiful song we recorded with Stu and Cathy last week…

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