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CK and I met today with singer Cathy McGill and keyboardist Stu MacAskie at Stu’s garage/studio to record CK’s song, Scars, that she wrote for the movie. I’d heard a demo version with CK’s voice, and now we were going to hear the real thing. Two bars into it, with Stu’s terrific piano and Cathy’s amazing voice, I was in tears. CK too, I think. What a wonderful thing for a composer to hear her song so perfectly and fully birthed. Cathy and Stu ran through it a couple of times, and then went into the recording mode, with CK watching the monitor. Cathy, Stu, and CK each had headphones. I didn’t. So once they started recording, all I could hear was Cathy’s voice, the clacking keyboard keys with no music coming out of them, and Stu’s voice humming along in the manner of Glenn Gould. They did two takes, we listened to the recordings, and then they did one more. Third time golden. Then Cathy and I left Stu and CK to do their editing and mixing. Later, CK sent me the mix. It’s beautiful.

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