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Quote of the day from Sterling: “Great edits happen with bourbon and painkillers.”

Quote of the day from CK: “When things start getting wiggy in the jungle, the drums come out.”

Sterling has cut the trailer. We’re in love with it because it looks like a real trailer. We get CK to come over to take a look so she can think about the music. She immediately suggests a couple of tracks that she’s composed for various spots in the movie. We put them under the visuals – they totally pull things together. We’re psyched. We’re giddy. CK goes home to build some musical bridges.

David comes in to take a look. He starts making suggestions. Suddenly the whole thing is falling apart. We start playing around with some of David’s ideas, call CK to tell her to hold the phone – things are changing dramatically. We’re depressed now, back to the drawing board, but as we start working with it again, the new shape begins to emerge, and guess what? It’s better!

We try it out on a couple of people who haven’t seen any of the film. They get it! They like it! It makes them want to see the movie! CK re-does the music. It’s almost there. We make some adjustments. NOW it’s really rocking.

So today we looked at it again, re-done music in place. Sterling shaves a few frames off some of the edits to match the music. It’s looking good. I think we might be done. Even if we are, we still need to do something with the typeface, and one of the shots needs some visual effects work, so it isn’t quite ready to go out into the world, but it’s close.

And today we had the first run through of the movie with the color grading done. Or almost done – it’s looking great (David is really good at this) – just needs some tweaking.

Can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

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