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It’s officially spring. March winds blowing. “Spring” in the abstract was when I had vaguely said the film might be done. That’s when spring was a long way off, but now it’s here. Happily, we are well on our way to the finish line.

While I was on my road trip, CK, on an amazing roll, composed about 18 pieces of music. She sends them to me via e-mail, each piece connected to a visual clip of the movie. The clips are from a low-resolution Quicktime file, so they don’t look that great but you can see where the music fits the scene or sequence. So when I got back I had a lot of stuff to listen to and think about. We spent some time on the phone the last couple of days discussing the various clips (which are wonderful), going back and forth about some of them which still need a little work. It’s been interesting doing it this way, scene by scene. CK began with some of the spots she thought might be more difficult for various reasons, and we spent time getting certain themes and ideas established. Now she’s just trucking on through from beginning to end. Soon we’ll sit down with Sterling to hear everything together – his sound edits and sound design and CK’s music blending together.

Also while I was gone, Sterling got a great start on our trailer. He needs to mess with it a little more, we have to figure out some of the verbiage we want to use, and CK needs to take a look and start on the music. We should have something together soon.

And today, David, Corey and I worked again on color, which is really coming along. Getting there…

In the background is continuing paperwork for the rebate. Just when I think it’s all done, something else has to happen. More headaches involving excel, an entity which I don’t entirely grasp. Fortunately, Stuart is holding my hand a bit on this. It seems as if when you owe money somewhere you get hounded until you pay it, but when they owe it to you, you have to keep jumping through dozens of hoops, reminders, phone calls, etc. So be it. This will get done, too.

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