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Yesterday at halflife I met with David, Stuart (co-head of halflife), Coby (visual effects) and Sterling to discuss timing for finishing the project. Still needed: cut the trailer, complete color, complete sound editing/design, finish score, do visual effects, record some missing dialogue, finalize opening and closing credits, final sound mix, final polish… We made a calendar, we all have our jobs. We’re hoping to be finished in time to submit to a couple of film festivals that have an end-of-April deadline. Keep your fingers crossed that this will be possible…

I feel like I’ve been in a cradle for awhile – out of the stressful constant panic of production, into the leisurely it-takes-its-own-time world of editing, coloring, music. Maybe it wasn’t so relaxing for Sterling, David, and CK who have been doing all the heavy lifting with these things, but for me it’s felt like blossoming. Now we’re moving back to deadlines and planning – getting the film done, getting it into the world. Distribution will be it’s own kind of adventure – film festivals, film markets, publicity, representatives, agents…

Am going out of town today, back in a week, ready to roll up my sleeves.

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