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FRIDAY: Worked with David and Corey on color. Computer was being temperamental, but we got some scenes done. Also spoke with halflife intern Shannendoah re ins and outs of social networking – not my forte! Basically, need to get our trailer done so we can get it into the world. Hoping to get to that in the next couple of weeks. At the end of the day, hung out with Sterling re an update of what’s happening with sound editing/design. Weird sensation: when you get to the end of the stuff he’s worked on it’s like falling off a cliff – there’s that huge a difference between unedited and edited sound.

SATURDAY: Went to Santa Fe for the New Mexico Women In Film Sage Award and Short Film Showcase. The award honored filmmaker Barbara Martinez Jitner, who writes, directs, and produces for television and film. She has many credits, including the television miniseries American Family – Journey of Dreams, and the film Bordertown. She shared the depressing statistic that women represent only seven percent of working film directors in Hollywood these days, which made it all the more relevant to view the showcase, which included eight short films by women from five countries. Great to see women filmmakers being honored, and women’s stories being told. We need more!

SUNDAY: Spent half a day with CK working on music. Rather, she worked on the music, I gave feedback. It’s just like writing, in that you have drafts of things, and then you hone them, re-do them, replace them. Unfortunately for me, I have a hard time explaining musical ideas, or even envisioning (enauditing?) what I’m going for, so CK has to try to interpret my mutterings and come up with things that work from her much more sophisticated perspective. Fortunately for me, she’s amazingly creative and has wonderful ideas. Much of what she’s done is working beautifully right now. Other things we’re still working out – but getting closer.

Also on Sunday, an article about Brent Tiano, one of our producers, appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. Way to go, Brent! This week he’s taking off for Florida, where, among other things, he’ll attend the Miami International Film Festival where he’ll pick people’s brains about distribution…

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