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David swipes his computer with his stylus and the image on the big movie screen goes magenta, or pale, or super saturated. Color dances like a playful genie – Whoosh! The images makes you feel uneasy. Whoosh! You’re happy and elated. Whoosh! You’re disoriented in a world of sickening sensation.

Before we shot the movie, Corey (director of photography) and I spent a lot of time discussing how we wanted the movie to look, how some sections would be on the drab side of naturalistic, while others would be saturated in rich color, reflecting the moods and shifts of the story. We lit and shot the movie with these things in mind. Now, we’re sticking pretty much to the program, working with David Garcia to smooth out scenes and sequences and enhance the color choices that we made in advance. But you can do so much with color these days – change things entirely – that it’s hard not to get overwhelmed and paralyzed with choice. I know that, left to my own devices, I’d get lost in a maze of color and probably wouldn’t be able to find my way out. Fortunately, Corey and David are keeping things on track. In fact, I’m going out of town for some days and the two of them will work on the color. It might be the best thing. They both have a really good idea about where we want to go with all this. I can come back next week and see what they’ve done, and we can fine-tune from there.

On another front, rumor has it that Sterling is healing well from his wounds. He’s been in a lot of pain, and recovery with broken bones is always a long road, but he’s moving in a good direction. We’re all looking forward to his return…

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