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Had a date last Monday morning with Sterling, Corey, and Dave Garcia of halflife digital to begin work on color correction. Sterling didn’t show up and we couldn’t get him on the phone, and soon we discovered that he was in the emergency department in a local hospital after having had a motorcycle accident the night before. We knew no details, only that he had a fractured vertebra and was going in for more X-rays. Upset and worried, we were in that state of helpless anxiety that happens when you don’t really know what’s going on, and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.

We went ahead and looked at the movie, with an eye toward color. This involves thinking about the overall tone of different scenes – Should the color be more or less saturated? A little less red? More blue? How does the color tone affect the mood of the scene? Color also comes into play for balance within a scene. Sometimes, for example, shooting outdoors, the weather has entirely changed from the time you do your first shots until you do the last ones, so that, despite the best efforts of the DP, the edited scene jumps from one kind of lighting to another. In one of our complicated scenes, we shot the master and several of the key moments under overcast skies. When we went to reverse, suddenly the sun broke through. We didn’t have enough time left in the day to wait for the overcast conditions to return – even if they would have. So now we have to balance all that out – brighten up the overcast parts, de-saturate the sun-lit parts, try to make the blue sky and the whitish sky look like the same sky.

So we went through the whole movie figuring out what we wanted to do. Now Dave and Corey will make it all happen.

Later in the day, more news about Sterling – he was being sent home from the hospital with a couple of broken bones and lacerations. Lots of pain, but nothing worse. We’re sending out all our best vibes for his speedy recovery.

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