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“So when’s the movie gonna be done?” Or, more politely, “Do you have any ideas about a release date?” Inquiring minds want to know. They also want to know about distribution – what are the plans? What film festivals will you apply for? Where will I be able to see the movie?

Great questions. The truth is, though, that I can’t answer them just yet. Post-production is taking its own time. I suppose that if we were a big studio project we would have firm deadlines and people working around the clock to meet them. But our composer has a full-time day job doing something else, our editor has other projects that he needs to work on simultaneously, there are lots of little side roads and hiccups along the way. So we move forward, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, and we’re moving toward getting it all done, but can’t definitively answer the burning question, “When?” About the best we can come up with at the moment is “spring,” which seems reasonable.

The finish date, when we know what it is, will help us determine which film festivals we’ll submit to first. You can only premier once, and if you’ve premiered already somewhere else you are generally not able to be in the competition at a given festival, so strategy is important. We’re thinking about those things in a general way now, and will be grappling with them much more specifically when we get a little closer and can predict our finish date. Right now we’re collecting information about festivals and distributors and multiple forms of distribution – theatrical, DVD, electronic — and educating ourselves as much as possible.

For now, I take pleasure in the wonderful snippets of music that CK sends me, and the way that Sterling’s editing and sound design make the visuals pop and flow. We’ll get done, and it should be soonish, and that’s fine for now.

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