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Spent a few hours today with CK going over songs we are thinking of using, and some themes she wrote for one of the characters. She wrote three versions of the theme, and today it was obvious right away that one version did a particularly good job capturing the character’s vibe.

Some of the songs we need run over parts of scenes, supporting the visuals in a general way, through tone, lyrics, mood. Others derive specifically from the action – music that’s playing on screen at a party or on the radio. We need to think about the kinds of music various characters would be listening to and choosing songs that are appropriate for the person/situation that also enhance the feelings we’re trying to project.

In some spots, Sterling put in temporary music while he was editing. A couple of things can happen with the temp music – you can get really attached to it so it’s hard to think of anything else that might work as well. Sometimes it’s really helpful – we can’t use that particular song, but we’d like to find something in that ballpark. Sometimes it can be a distraction – it’s not what we’re looking for, but it makes it hard to think about what could replace it.

These days we’re all so used to music as soundtracks in our lives, it’s fairly easy to think of well-known songs that would be perfect for underlining a certain mood or set of circumstances. However, in Movie World, it’s really expensive to use those famous, familiar songs – way beyond our limited budget — so we’re trying to find existing songs in the more affordable zone. Some musicians have donated their music to us, which is unbelievably lovely, or licensed a song to us for a nominal fee. We’re really into the idea of using local musicians/bands as much as we can – kind of a win/win: great music for us, exposure for them.

Today we found the perfect spot for a song someone had donated, and a local group who might have something perfect for us in another spot. We’re messing around with some other stuff, not quite sure yet how or if it works where we need it to. Like everything else, a process…

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