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Today we locked picture. The inserts are edited and in place. We looked at the whole movie fresh after our holiday break, made a few tweaks, and here we are – the final version with all its beauties and imperfections.

A year ago, this was all still a dream. Brent and I were working on what we thought would turn into a little promo piece about the movie that we could show to possible funders. Although we shot some footage, the piece never happened, and we ultimately got caught up in the rush to get the production together. I was reading the book From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film by Dov S.-S. Simens, trying to gather as much information as I could on how to do this feature film thing. I’d been reading a lot of books on directing, cinematography, editing, and producing and this was one of the better ones on producing – long on the “how-to” and short on the bull. Encouraging, but daunting, too – so much to do! And I was fretting about finding a lead actress, someone strong who could carry the film – who did I know who knew anyone we could approach for the role? It all seemed so impossible and so far away…

And now we’re locked! Working on enhancement: music, sound design, color correction, a few visuals that need to be added (starry sky) or fixed (Alice’s prosthesis). There’s the trailer to do, too, and the credits to think about. We ain’t there yet, but we’re closing in….

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