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A good friend in Bradford, England wrote to me this morning about the full lunar eclipse last night, which she saw under freezing, clear skies – the first lunar eclipse to fall on the Solstice for almost four-hundred years. Tonight will be the longest night of the year. And yesterday, I turned in the rebate paperwork to the New Mexico Film office. For the moment, it’s out of my hands.

In January, we’ll start up again full-tilt, with the sound, the music, the Foley, the color correction… But right now it’s time to take a deep breath. We’ve come a long, long way. Last year at this time we didn’t even have our team together — just me, Brent, Corey, and Scott – no actors, no crew. We were talking with everyone we could think of to get more advice on how to proceed. People told me not to do it – the budget was impossibly small, the script was too complicated, requiring too many actors and too many scenes – before I even started I was breaking the rules of low-budget filmmaking. Other people encouraged me – it’s a really good script, just go for it, you can do this. Various folks drifted in and out of the project, a line producer here, an assistant director there – someone got pregnant, someone got another job, someone disappeared. I was watching a lot of movies, reading a lot of books about filmmaking, and going through huge emotional peaks and valleys – would it be possible to do this movie, in this way? I’d made three shorts, but this was different – way more complex, and way more expensive, too. Would the money appear? Would an actress? We wanted to start shooting in June, would that somehow be possible? Yes, no, yes, no, yes no, how? How? How? So there I was, on the Solstice, the longest night, buzzing with good dreams and nightmares…. And somehow, a year later, we have a movie.

There’s still plenty to worry about — the hundred details still left in order to complete the film, figuring out distribution and publicity, and I’m sure I’ll soon be tearing my hair out over all of that, but I’m resting now in this natural pause, mind at ease, calm, breathing. A good long night.


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