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So we shot our fake TV inserts for the movie. Three locations, a few actors, streamlined crew. Sterling – who has tons of experience with commercials — wrote the scripts and directed. Each edited piece will ultimately be on screen for only a few seconds, but they are little gems of over-the-top parody – makeover show, workout commercial, telenovela. We definitely had some fun. Started out on Monday with auditions, had a tech scout on Thursday to determine what kind of lighting and production design we needed, then shot on Saturday. Of course all of this took a lot of time and preparation, from planning the casting call to securing props, wardrobe, personnel, locations, equipment, and (most importantly) food. Thank you Chris, Brent, Sterling, Pauli, Scott, Corey, Rick, Nolan, Alex, Carmen, and Bill (all of whom went way above and beyond) — and our totally fabulous actors…. It all went smoothly on the day, and we laughed a lot and finished two hours ahead of schedule.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working with composer CK Barlow who is creating the score. We’re discussing themes and instruments, placement of music and sounds. Usually when I watch a movie I get so absorbed in what’s happening on screen that I don’t notice the music unless it’s really annoying in some way, so when CK says “What are some movies with music that you really like?” it takes me awhile to cough up examples. You want the music to be appropriate to the film, to underscore or add to what’s happening visually on screen, but you want it to stay out of the way so it doesn’t interfere or work against what you’re trying to show. The music can really change what you see – play two wildly different pieces of music under the same footage and the feeling and meaning are completely transformed. Fortunately for me, CK is brilliant, plus we’re having fun…

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