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The Road

First of all, deep, heartfelt thanks again to every single person who has worked on the film, both directly and indirectly. Without you, nothing.

We finished production on July 23. So where’s the movie? Everyone wants to know. We’re in the midst of the long long road called post production. First stop, picture edit. I’ve spent the last couple of months with Sterling Grant 3 at halflife digital putting the film together. Sterling has fantastic editing chops – quick, discerning eye, great sense of rhythm, lovely sensibility. He worked his way through the whole film, with input here and there from me, and then we worked closely together scene-by-scene to hone it all until we both could watch it all the way through without cringing. Now we’re ready to lock picture.

Imagination creates the script, a blueprint of possibility. Casting makes the first big change – there’s “Alice” in my mind, then there’s Karen Young who makes Alice her own until I can’t remember my original vision. The realities of the production take over – suddenly scenes have to be consolidated or eliminated, we have to adapt to the demands of less-than-ideal locations and the rush of a tight schedule. Also, sometimes things as written just don’t work or an effect you had in mind turns into a disaster and you have to figure out a workable solution by the seat of your pants. So by the time editing rolls around, you’re already miles away from what you originally intended. Then editing has it’s own demands – a scene that seemed essential when written and fine when shot suddenly hangs like a dead weight in the flow of the film and you have to cut it. It’s all about the story, what works and what doesn’t.

Next steps: sound editing, sound design, composing the music, creating the opening titles, fixing a few things visually, color correction… Miles still to go. Stay tuned.

But today we’re launching into a last bit of production. In the movie, the main character, Alice, watches TV at one point, and we need to shoot three little segments for that. Today we’re holding auditions for those parts, and will be shooting the segments on Saturday. So, for the moment, back into the fray….

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